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Quality Valve Handwheels - Apogee PDCCO Hand Wheels
    Z-3 Zinc and 380 Aluminum die cast alloys provide the ultimate combination of strength and lightweight over a wide range of applications and operating temperatures.
    An attractively designed casting with a smooth, functional unmachined surface.

    The high-speed casting process affords a quality product at an affordable price.

    A positive hand hold as a result of the finger grip edges permits ease of valve operation even though grease or oil may be present. The smooth surface eliminates the possibility of flesh cuts.
    Our stock hand wheels are furnished with three sizes of stem ports, making them available for many sizes of valves.
    Unique tooling feature allows the stem port to be customized to your design.

    A recess in the top of the hand wheel permits the use of a name plate where identification or instructions are desirable.

Cast Zinc — Series 200

Cast of ZAMAK #3

Series 200 PDCCO Apogee Hand Wheels

Cast Aluminum — Series 400

Cast of A-380

Series 400 PDCCO Apogee Hand Wheels
Customize the stem port to your design. We can furnish both special size and special shape stem ports within the following limits:

0.562 zinc maximum core diameter on the 2.000 to 2.750 hand wheels.

0.750 maximum core diameter on all aluminum hand wheels.

All 3.500 and 4.000 diameter zinc hand wheels can have a special stem port limited only by the cross section strength of the 1.000 dimension of the hub.
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