Custom Hand Wheels Made Easy

  • While the stock hand wheel line is made with only square shaped stem ports, limited to the sizes listed on the specification pages, a custom hand wheel stem port offers you the flexibility of shape, size and design. If you do not see a size or shape of the stem port needed for your application in the charts, we can help with our budget-friendly custom stem port option.
  • We offer the option to manufacture the tooling required to fit your application with minimal up-front cost. Simply select the hand wheel type and diameter that best fits your needs from our specification page. Next, send us a sketch or drawing with the dimensions of the custom stem port design to fit your application. We will provide a drawing and quote for the custom stem port tooling for your approval. With our budget-friendly option, generally less than $250, you can use our hand wheel with a custom stem port to fit your application in far less time and expense than if you needed to produce complete stand-alone tooling.

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Apogee PDCCO Cyrus Shank hand wheels


    The Property and Composition charts below detail each of the alloy options we can offer. All stock 200 Series hand wheels are produced in Z3 zinc while stock 400 Series hand wheels are produced in 380 aluminum. You can customize your order by selecting from the non-stock alloys listed. While our stock alloy options offer excellent all around performance, the custom alloy options offer additional benefits. The custom aluminum alloy option 413 contains less copper, providing more corrosion resistance for outdoor applications or high humidity environments. Alternatively, our stock zinc alloy Z5 offers a higher hardness rating while maintaining wear characteristics for applications with small stem port requirements. While the lead time may be longer for any non-stock alloy order, the benefits realized by meeting the needs of your application are significant! Send us the details of which stock hand wheel you want to customize with a non-stock alloy and we will provide you a quote for piece price and lead time.

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Apogee PDCCO Aluminum Hand Wheel Properties

Apogee PDCCO aluminum hand wheel composition

Zinc Mechanical Properties Apogee PDCCO Handwheels

Zinc Hand wheel Composition Apogee PDCCO

Cast Aluminum — Series 400

Cast of A-380

Series 400 PDCCO Apogee Hand Wheels

Cast Zinc — Series 200

Cast of ZAMAK #3

Series 200 PDCCO Apogee Hand Wheels

Customize the stem port to your design. We can furnish both special size and special shape stem ports within the following limits:

0.562 zinc maximum core diameter on the 2.000 to 2.750 hand wheels.

0.750 maximum core diameter on all aluminum hand wheels.

All 3.500 and 4.000 diameter zinc hand wheels can have a special stem port limited only by the cross section strength of the 1.000 dimension of the hub.

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